Audio recorders "AMUR"



PrJSC "ALTRON" offers hardware and software systems «AMUR», intended for high-quality recording, storing and processing of information from analog (telephone line, line of "hands-free" communication, microphone, radio, remote control, etc.) and digital (line ISDN BRI, the flow of ISDN PRI) audio sources.


Complexes "AMUR" allow you to:

  • increase the transparency of the business;
  • use audio as an additional source of management information;
  • evaluate the cause of the loss of customers of your company;
  • appreciate the competence of staff, quality of work of employees with clients and contractors on the phone;
  • keep important information on the work history of working in the directions;
  • document dialogue with the customer, enable, if necessary, to recreate the chain of relationships in detail;
  • gather complete information about all the missed calls and failed in your company;
  • estimate the required number of telephone lines in your company;
  • reduce the loss of useless conversations of employees on the phone, to estimate the total and the average duration of calls connected to the system of staff;
  • provide training and self-training of employees by listening to their conversations with clients;
  • ensure the protection of trade secrets in the company and the safety of its employees.


Complexes «AMUR» have a compact size and high reliability. The flexible architecture of complex multivariate allows you to create a registration system of any complexity and any channel capacity. Support networking solves the problem remote access and allows you to create geographically distributed registration system. Operation of the system to ensure compatibility with most automatic telephone system.