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It is used in the telecommunication centres for branching ofBRI digital stream with phantom power supply (the socket, is performed in the CA75 standard) without entering of hindrances and breaches of other parametres into the flow;
Continuous round-the-clock work indoors at temperature from 5 ° to 40 ° C and relative humidity of 80 % at temperature 25 ° C (in accordance with 15150 State Standard Specification).


The complex can be used in combination with the device that uses phantom power (the power comes through those lines which are used for information transferring). The device is mounted or placed into the stands or cabinets andother equipment that allows placing this device. AMUR-PVP-BRI is specially developed in such a way that in any situations there will not be any distortions in the connected channel.




Quantity of branching channels: 1

The device is connected to symmetrical physical lines with wave resistance 120 Om and provides branching of the BRI flow channels

Module of the input resistance of the device (AC) 10 кОhм
Module of the output resistance of the device 120±12 Оhм
The recommended length of the cable for connection to the BRI flow. 1 m

The guaranteed work of the device is provided when the length of the cable is in the 5-th category for connecting the supply to the device.


Change of the output signal duration in comparison with input signal at the half of amplitude level does not exceed

±12 nс

The ratio of amplitudes of the positive and negative impulses of the output signal in the central part of impulses in the range of

 from 0,95 to 1,05

The ratio of duration of the positive and negative impulses of the output signal in the central part of impulses in the range of

from 0,95 to 1,05

The device proofs to work in modes without power supply and in modes of the output short circuit, and after elimination of these modes there is no changes in the parametres of the device

Device connection in the tap point of BRI flow does not result in:

not more than 10-9
Increasing of the bit error rate in the mainstream flow up to value more than at ±5%
Changing of the impulses amplitude of the main signal more than at ±5%

The specified characteristics are provided both at the power supply and without power supply.

Changing of the impulses duration of the main signal from 17 V to 28 V

The device keeps operating capacity at the supply voltage

not more than 50 мA
Consumed current at the supply voltage 24 V any

Connected power supply polarity In case of the sockets site fault the device does not fail and when the correct connection is restored, the working capacity of the device restores.