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BRI adapter (further in the text - device) is intended for transformation of ISDN BRI (2В1D) digital protocol into analogue signal in a stereo or a mono mode.


The device is intended for continuous round-the-clock work indoors at temperature from 5 ° to 40°С and related humidity of 80% (at temperature 25°С), in accordance with 15150 State Standard Specification. The device is compatible with subscriber lines of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the telephone sets corresponding to 71 53-85 State Standard Specification.




Connecting to the digital telephone network parallel
DC input resistance not less than 1 MOhм
AC input resistance not less than10 кОhм
The length of the cable for connecting to the digital telephone line up to 10 m
Galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply
The maximal tested voltage between input and output: 1 кV
The maximal tested voltage between input and supply: 630 V
Supply voltage of the equipment stabilize, 20±28 V
Polarity of supply connection: any
Consumption current in the established mode Up to 70 мА
Power consumption 2 W
Low-frequency analogue signal output stereo/mono

The maximum amplitude of the output analogue signal for each stereo-channel without load

±3 V
Voltages nominal load to the subwoofer output of each channel 600 Ом
The maximum cable length for remote power-up 100 m