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BRI-Indicator is intended for ISDN BRI digital stream decoding and indicating the presence of a sound signal from a telephone transmitter in a speech path of this digital stream to detect authorized or not authorized switching on of a telephone transmitter.
It is possible to carry out indication both of one of the channels in the 2B1D digital stream, and simultaneously of 2 channels (it is defined by a crosspiece on a printed-circuit-board).


Connection to the digital telephone line is parallel. The device supply is possible both from the separate power supply, and from the telephone line (optionally, depends on modification). The device is intended for continuous round-the-clock work indoors at temperature from 5° to 40° and relative humidity up to 80% at temperature 25° (in accordance with 15150 State Standard Specification). The device is compatible with subscriber line (SL) of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and the telephone sets (TS) corresponding to the 71 53-85 State Standard Specification.



Connection to a digital telephone line: Parallel
Input resistance (AC): not less than 10 кОhм
Power supply voltage of the BRI-indicator: 15-:110V
Indication of one or two B channels in the protocol 2В1D
Polarity of supply connection: any