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Multichannel recorder «AMUR-PCI-A-18" - a hardware and software system for PC-based, designed for high-quality recording, storage and playback of analog audio information. The sources of information can be telephone or any other communication channels or analog sensors. Complex is able to record up to 18 channels simultaneously. The recorder can be delivered independently or be part of (as a subsystem) multichannel automatic recording devices «AMUR».

Sources of signals:




The device is connected through a USB-port to a computer on which the information recorder is installed. When the device is switched on, a green light-emitting diode starts to blink. That indicates the readiness of the device to operate. When the information recording process starts the device is initialized and the light-emitting diode is constantly green, that indicates the transition of the device into the working capacity control mode. At regular intervals the information recorder sends signals to the device that there are no faulty operations. If during a certain period of time signals from the recorder are not received, the red light-emitting diode of the device lights up and the sound alarm rings. To disconnect the signal system it is necessary to switch off the supply or press the alarm shutdown button on the device.



Power supply: External 12 V/USB
Connection: USB