«AMUR-X» - this is a hardware-software system designed for high-quality recording, retention, listening and processing information from analog and digital source equipment.
Signal sources:
Any analogue audio output (telephone, microphone, radio, remote control, tape recorder, telemetry), any digital PBX channels primary access PRI-E1.

Sources of signals:

Any analog linear audio output (phone, microphone, radio station, dispatching board, tape recorder, telemetry), any digital office automatic telephone exchange, primary access.


from 1 to 2 PCI printed-circuit-board AMUR

Main features:

У«AMUR-X» is an autonomous recorder that does not require a computer for recording and reproduction of the information. Unlike recorders designed on the basis of computer, «AMUR-X» is rather compact and reliable.


  •  It is designed on the basis of a specialised platform for the built-in system;
  •  The chassis is performed from metal, colour - black;
  •  The sizes: 20 sm x 20 sm x 15 sm;
  •  System board mini-ITX based on the processor with low level of power consumption (is characterized by high fault tolerance,compact dimensions, sufficient     productivity);
  •  In-built stereo- loudspeaker ;
  •  There is no necessity in active means of cooling (non-ventilatory system);
  •  Adapter
  •  ОС: Windows XP Embedded;
  •  On the front panel there is a liquid-crystal display and 4 control buttons of record and reproduction allowing to make adjustment of the recording system and to work with base of records;
  •  Cost of the chassis without cost of AMUR PCI-printed-circuit-board does not exceed cost of the common personal computer.