Low-profile version of the PCI-board "AMUR-PCI-A" to be installed in a 2U and Slim (and others, for mounting boards LowProfile PCI) with the number of analog channels and 8. Is a module that connects to the PCI-bus PC motherboard. Connecting to an analog communication lines parallel, with galvanic isolation.


The recorder can be delivered independently or be part of (as a subsystem) multichannel automatic recording devices «AMUR». The composition of the registrar is PCI circuit board with software (CD-ROM). On the customer selected a personal computer (PC), which is installed on the little / multichannel recorder. Recording information is on the hard disk of the PC.



Quantity of channels on the printed-circuit board 2-8 channels on a single board (number of boards in one system unit is limited only by the number of PCI)
Type of trunk: PCI
Record channels have the universal galvanic isolation between that makes it possible to connect any sources of signals with program presetting.
Recorded and reproduced frequency band, Hz, at base digitization frequencies, kHz: 8000Hz…..…………...from 200Hz up to 3400Hz
16000Hz…..………....from 200Hz up to 7600Hz 
32000Hz…..………….from 200Hz up to 14200Hz 
Recording density without compression for frequencies of digitization.  8,0kHz16bit<=57,6 Mbyte/h per a channel
Program switched sensitivity values of each channel:  0, 6, 12, 18, 20,26, 32, 38dB (2, 4, 8, 10, 20, 40, 80 times)
Crosstalk attenuation between channels, dB: not less than 80 dB
Complete weighed signal-to-noise ratio at the linear output, dB: not less than 90 dB
Dynamic frequency band of record-playback channel, dB: not less than 90 dB (not less than 60 dB in the
whole dynamic frequency band with allowance for the
maximum amplifying for microphones
Harmonic factor in operating frequency band: not more than 0,1%
Specialize control program in OS  WINDOWS VISTA/XP/SEVEN/2000,WINDOWS SERVER 2003/2008

Input circuit, symmetrical galvanically isolated universal inputs

Connecting to the control channels 

DC input resistance not less than 1 МOhм
Operation threshold of parallel protection 270V ± 30V
Full level of the input signals 100-7000 мV (is changed with the help of the amplification coefficient of the input amplifier program )
There is hardware-controlled signal shaper “automatic number identification” (all the time parameters are program-controlled)  
There is measurements of a linear voltage level from 3 V up to 127 V at 0,5 V intervals, with the operation thresholds that are set up by the program.
Definition of the ringing signal existence by the voltage amplitude variable component 

16000Hz from 200Hz up to 7600Гц
32000Hz from 200Hz up to 14200Гц