Multichannel recorder «AMUR-USB-A-6" - a hardware and software system for PC-based, designed for high-quality recording, storage and playback of analog audio information. The sources of information can be telephone or any other communication channels or analog sensors. Complex is able to record up to 6 channels. The recorder can be delivered independently or be part of a subsystem multichannel automatic recording station «AMUR».


The structure of the recorder consists of external «AMUR USB»device with software (CD-ROM).



Type of the trunk: USB
Quantity of channels on one printed-circuit-board:  2,  4  ,6
Types of channels: Analog telephone, linear
Type of connection: parallel
With transformer galvanic isolation
ADC type 16-digit
ADC changeable frequency of digitization: 8,  16,  32,  kHz
Variable sensitivity  0 / 1,5 / 3 / 4,5 / 6 / 7,5 / 9 / 12 dB
Тип АРУ:
AGC type:Frequency band of the telephone lines coordination block:
0,2 7,6 kHz
8000 from ......from 200 Hz to 3400 Hz
16000 Hz ....... from 200 Hz to 7600 Hz
32000 Hz ....... from 200 Hz to 14200 Hz
Input resistance of telephone adapters (DC): More than 9 МОhм
Input resistance of telephone adapters (AC): More than 10 кОhм
The device for linear voltage measurement on a telephone line for program installation +

of an actuation level when a telephone receiver is picked up:

Telephone line adapter electronic protection against excess voltage


Above 270 V

Current limiting supply protection +5V and 12V: 500  мА