Hardware-software complex «AMURNET-BRI-6" is designed to connect to digital ISDN BRI lines for the purpose of accumulation, transformation and transmission of voice data to an external recording device via the Ethernet. Controlled up to 12 voice channels.


The structure of the recorder consists of external Ethernet device «NET-BRI» with software (CDROM).



Quantity of maintained digital telephone channels Up to 6
Connection to the Ethernet network 10/100 Mbit with automatic determination of the connection speed  
Indication of the network connection activation and speed  
Connection to the digital telephone line  parallel
DC input resistance not less than 1 MOhм
AC input resistance not less than10 кОhм
The length of the cable for connecting to the digital telephone line up to10 m
Galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply
The maximal tested voltage between input and output: 1 кV
The maximal tested voltage between input and supply: 630 V
Supply voltage of the equipment direct, 5 V 1,5 А
Consumption current in the established mode Up to 900 мА
The maximal power consumption 8 W