Hardware-software complex «AMUR-PCI-E1-3 'based on the universal board« E1 », established in the PCI slot of the computer, allows simultaneous recording of voice data from 1, 2 or 3 threads PRI E1, with parallel connection to controlled lines. Each installed card provides registration and control at the same time up to 90 full-duplex channels, respectively protocols.


The structure of the recorder includes PCI printed-circuitboard «AMUR BRI» with software (CD-ROM).



Quantity of channels: Up to 90 (30 cannels per one Е1 flow)
Recording density of one timeslot without compression = 57,6 MB/h
Type of signaling: OKC7, DSS1, V5.2, R2, R1.5, R1
Input resistance:   
   DC not less than 100 MOhm
   AC not less than 2,5 кОhм
Complete galvanic isolation  
Specialize control program
Indication of the communication session at each channel
Parallel connecting to the communication lines
Maximum length of cable that is connected to the flow Е1 - 3 metres
Length of cable when one extender is connected Е1 - 300 metres