AMUR IP-Reg is a module for recording, replication, analysis, storage and sorting of IP telephony connections and other telematic information, transmitted over TCP/IP and UDP protocols. It can be used on documentation systems for dispatch communications, based on Cisco, Avaya and other IP telephony technologies or on the monitoring systems for IP telephony providers.


 Connection to Span-port 10/100/1000 Mbytes/sec and 10 Hbytes/sec;
 Simultaneous control of up to 1 000 IP telephony sessions;
 Nondestructive undetectable connection to Ethernet channels 10/100 Mbytes/sec;
 Automatic selection of IP telephony sessions with protocols H.323/Avaya/Skinny/SIP/Unistim/HiPath Feature Access (HFA);
 Compatibility with different audio codecs;
 Real-time processing of IP-telephony voice and service information sessions;
 Integration with the latest telecommunications equipment;
 Create and manage database of all sessions of IP-telephony;