GPS monitoring “Navitron”

“NAVITRON” GPS Monitoring System


PJSC "ALTRON" offers a modern system of monitoring the location and status of mobile objects, goods transported satellite-based GPS navigation system and the use of cellular networks GSM.


The system "Navitron" contributes to:

  • More efficient use of vehicles and operation of the enterprise. Monitoring of vehicles in real time greatly increases the efficiency of the transport services of industrial enterprises, increases the efficiency of dispatching service and the quality of services of transport companies. Reports generated by the system allow us to estimate the effectiveness of the use of vehicles.
  • Freight security. The system allows to set the real-time location of the vehicle or container to restore the entire route of the vehicle with its display on a map indicating the motion parameters (position, time and speed, idle) and events. The system can automatically inform the manager of the event object from the specified route or the sensor is activated (eg opening / closing a container or cargo hold), alarms, electronic locks, etc.
  • Anti-theft of fuel. Through the use of fuel flow sensors, connected to the GPS-terminal to receive complete information about the actual fuel use, places, times and volume of gas stations and sinks. The information is presented in the form of summary reports. The analysis of fuel consumption when driving reveals facts filling low-quality fuel and take appropriate action.