"AMUR-GPS" - permanently installed equipment on cars. The functionality of the device is not limited to the determination of coordinates. The device has a set of inputs and outputs that can be used for integration with car alarms, sensors for various purposes, the functions of "panic button", etc.


"AMUR-GPS-L2" - Active personal tracker with features. This device has a compact, lightweight, moisture-proof casing and sensitive receiver with a reduced interval positioning. Amur-GPS-L2 operates at frequencies of GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. It is designed to monitor movements of people, animals and other objects in various situations.


"AMUR-GPS-V1" - a modern car terminal, designed to work with a satellite system GPS. Allows you to monitor the location of an object, as in real-time using a GPRS connection, and periodic determination of the current position with the help of SMS-messages. It has a wide range of I / O and supported buses, it can be used as part of any system for monitoring and control of vehicles.

Mobile application «Navidroid»

Installed on smartphones running «Android» special software, based on data obtained with the Global Positioning Satellite System GPS, determines the position, velocity and direction of motion of the phone owner. The information collected is transmitted to the central server via the GSM cellular network or Wi-Fi. Data analyzed by the server operator (user) system in real time, or as a zip file in the user interface.

temperature sensor DT-RS

Sensor "DT-RS" is intended to measure the temperature in the range of minus 30 º C to 70 º C and issuing RS485 digital signal for display, transmission or recording the temperature in the external devices.

Fuel level sensor DU-02М

Level sensor "control-02M" is designed to measure the level or volume of liquids with a dielectric constant of 1.8 to 3 in containers, tanks, reservoirs and delivery of digital or analog signal for display, transmission or recording of the measured values ​​of the external devices