Mobile application «Navidroid»


Installed on smartphones running «Android» special software, based on data obtained with the Global Positioning Satellite System GPS, determines the position, velocity and direction of motion of the phone owner. The information collected is transmitted to the central server via the GSM cellular network or Wi-Fi. Data analyzed by the server operator (user) system in real time, or as a zip file in the user interface.


  • Data transmission networks GPRS/3G and Wi-Fi.
  • Positioning using global satellite navigation system GPS and base stations of mobile operators (GSM, Wi-Fi).
  • Automatically notify the system of the input / output of the telephone owner geozones controlled by the system, pre-defined by the user on the map in the interface "NAVITRON."
  • Flexible adjustment of the frequency of collection and transmission of location data to a server system (both in time and in distance traveled).
  • In the absence of data, the collected information is stored in encrypted form and sent to the server as soon as possible.
  • Autorun mobile application when the phone and the ability to "hidden" mode.
  • Reporting, enabling an analysis of the route of the phone owner.
  • The high reliability of the system and the mobile application.
  • Guarantee confidentiality.
  • Minimization of Internet traffic and the high data security.