Installing the software

      The license of the complex «Navitron» includes the cost of the server software «Navitron», HASP-key security software, as well as the cost of installing the software "NAVITRON" on the customer's server specialists сompany PJSC "Altron" If necessary, increase the number of connected to the server "Navitron »objects, the user pays the difference between the cost of the required license and is already installed .. The term of the license of the complex «Navitron» - is not limited. The user shall ensure the use of the software provided to it «Navitron» on the server, the configuration of which corresponds to demands placed upon it.


Installation of terminal equipment

      Installing the GPS-equipment on cars functioning may be made by specialists as PJSC "Altron" and the forces of the Customer. Terminals AMUR-GPS does not require special maintenance during operation. Placing the device in the car can be both open (explicit), and secretive. The device should be securely attached to the fixed vehicle parts. The device should not be heated or fastened to the movable parts. When placing the device in the first place should pay attention to the reception of signals from satellites, GPS. The most comfortable place of the terminal is the space under the dash, excluding unauthorized access to it by third parties. Prior to installation of the terminal, it has to be inserted SIM-card is used with skim PIN-code. The antenna of the GPS receiver required to have visibility on the open sky. Above it should not be placed parts or components that prevent the passage of radio waves from satellites (the metal parts of a car, appliances and equipment, wiring harnesses, the individual conductors, etc.). Assumed its consolidation under car windshield. To place the antenna receiver GSM less stringent requirements, but with the condition for the free passage of radio network GSM. Food terminal comes from the vehicle's battery. Power wires (red '+' black '-') are connected to an electrical circuit car in the place where the presence of voltage does not depend on the position of the ignition key. In cars with switchable "weight", connect power to the terminal directly to the battery is only available when the optional galvanic isolator (an optional). It should be borne in mind that a number of car models equipped with a metallic glasses, very poorly conducting radio signals. It is recommended that an external GPS antenna placement.


      Zone of the preferred placement of antennas and the antenna-GPS: