Server software


The server software processes and stores information on the movement of mobile objects. Users connect to the server to obtain information about mobile objects. The structure of the server software can also include local geoserver, allowing to work with their own maps.



  • Getting information about the geographical coordinates, speed, heading, position sensors and additional occurred "events" mobile object in real time.
  • Simultaneous observation of the electronic map for an arbitrary number of moving objects in real time.
  • Show the route of movement of the object over time Desirable as a track on the map, with deducing details of each control point on the route.
  • The ability to simultaneously display on the map archive tracks the movement of several objects.
  • Displays the icon of accelerated movement of one or more objects for archival track (animation mode).
  • The ability to use the system as a map data online resources (Google-Map, Openstreetmap, Yandex-maps) and vector maps its own local geoservera.
  • Separation of access rights to the functionality of the system, depending on the privileges of a particular user.
  • Transfer of various terminal commands (change interval positioning, changing the communication over GSM, parameter setting speed control,etc.)
  • Alert the operator in "real" time the event has occurred. For example, the control of the speed limit or break the antenna.
  • The possibility of determining the coordinates of the test object in the parameters GSM-network in the absence of sight navigation satellite GPS.
  • Ability to set the Operator on the map geo-zones of any shape and control their visits monitored objects.
  • Ability to connect to a GPS-terminals of a variety of sensors and actuators (fuel level sensor, relay remote locking motor, etc.).
  • Determine the coordinates of an object automatically at specified intervals or on demand.
  • Ability to operator input and display of additional information for each vehicle (number, driver, etc.).
  • The formation of various statistical reports on controlled facilities for interested period.
  • Unlimited number of jobs the system operator (access to information on the server system through a WEB-based interface).
  • Using the latest technologies in the development of the system for maximum performance, minimize Internet traffic and high security of data.


Providing customers with the equipment and resources of the system for free testing. Company PJSC "Altron" is a developer, both hardware and software systems, and it is possible to refine its functionality to the requirements of a particular customer.